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I only know one truth i cant wait to see this movie but wait what

does Luke

mean its time for the Jedi to end!!! nah they couldn't be setting him

up to be killed off also i ve just  recovered over losing Han solo and

with Carrie Fisher death  that would be a blow. As most Jedi

appear to have been killed and the

greatest amongst them seem to go to the dark side wouldn't it

been cool to see a sith turn back in real time and not at death. Are

we about to see a twist in this trilogy much like we  the one we had

in when the EMPIRE STRUCK( STRIKES) BACK. I'm sure like me

there are a few

questions left unanswered and I'm sure this plot will twist and turn

before the end by then either Luke will be gone or a new hope will

arise for the Jedi to live on .Of course

REY will begin her training with Luke but it seems he may be very

reluctant at first to do so.As to what happens to the others this

remain a mystery although we could guess based on what we saw

in the trailer but i will leave that up to you .


I enjoyed the  movie for what it was before going into it i tried not to have any preconceptions of what to expect this i

found for others was perhaps where the disappointment came in  and to some degree why there apperas to be a divide

whilst harden fans  wanted to see who for instance was SNOAK  we were not given any clue to any development  on

him or a clues as to who he was how he truly connects he merely used like a bridge in a passing event quicly to be

disposed of. FIN character was again never really developed  its is possible to say remove him and it makes no .

lasting difference in the outcome but hey i love this character he brought a realism to the role that i enjoyed. Rey

character was never developed all we know about her is that her parents were nobodies hmmmm.

Luke skywalkers whilts i enjoyed watching him moan and lament his past i did feel a sense of IS THAT IT.The great

LUKE SKYWALKER  going out like this!! in the end i loved it for what it was how this movie connects to the previous

movies i belive they intentionally must have on some level meant for a disconnection and kill off the old characters  to

usher in a new roster my one worry after now watching it twice (and enjoying  it) did it jump too far  i think whatever


installment comes next  will have to do some  repair work in filling a few holes or lose a certain section of fans  overall a great movie


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