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I truly believe for this to be a great film who ever they pick for BLACK PANTHER to go against must be his exact equal the audience needs to believe this villain  has the potential to kick his (THE CLAW PERHAPS)butt as well as T`challa beating his opponent. We need to feel this character, it cant be a film merely targeted at one audience it has to what  all of Marvels films have done it must be targeted at everyone yet remain true to itself  ( its roots) and who ever takes on this role. (Please don’t get me wrong as a BLACK MAN) I can’t wait for this, yet I know it can’t be everything i want it to be ,so as long as I am entertained (are you not entertained!!!! SORRY I WENT OFF THEN) that is the number one thing to be entertained. I don’t want this movie getting into mindless debates about this hero ( with critics making stupid remarks to get attention and the film gets bogged down in foolish debates as a result the movie is sidetracked .Lets just bring on the action. After all he needs to become an AVENGER for the next schedule movie. As to who will play the role  their are other strong potential candidates and most likely none of the above will be seen in the movie, but who ever gets the role needs to do it justice.First thing first though who to Direct this adventure. come on Marvel suprise me.Recently actor Anthony Mackie threw his hat into the ring as a conender for the Black panther movie and i must admit he could be a strong contender he can be seen in the movie Abraham lincoln the vampire hunter showing off his action skills ( i must admit havent seen this flick) i`m fed up with the whole vampire thing .Anyways this dude would make i deal T`CHALLA.

BY CW  Devendo 1981 music movies.


Finally Marvel have announced BLACK PANTHER will hit theatres in 2017 and the actor picked is Chadwick Boseman of the GET ON UP James brown pic of which he did an awesome job. It wasn't what I expected  but know that it is I must say I think Marvel have chosen well he's been signed for 5 pictures depending on the sales of course . I t will be awesome to see a connection between THE BLACK PANTHER  and CAPTAIN AMERIACA. in CAP 3 but rumors are swirling we may get a glimpse of this character in the AVENGERS II AGE OF ULTRON I am so thrilled and excited for this dude bring it on!!!.remember the name CHADWICK BOSEMAN because this guy is going to bring it.We wanted a black superhero  we got one. Now all we need is SPIKE LEE to direct.












T'Challa's birth killed his mother, N'Yami, and his adopted older brother, Hunter, blamed him for her death. His second mother, Ramonda, left the family when T'Challa was only eight, and when he was in his teens, his father T´Chaka was murdered by Klaw over the rare metal Vibranium that comes from Wakanda. Klaw was later driven away after almost being killed by T'Challa.

As a young man, T'Challa traveled to America and Europe for school, and came back to perform his duties in his tribe to become a man to lead the country. After beating the then current Black Panther and taking an herb to link him to Bast, the Panther God, the herb also enhanced him which made him almost superhuman as T'Challa became the new Black Panther, leader of the Panther Clan, and King of Wakanda. This made his adopted older brother hate him even more, and in turn became the leader of the Wakandan secret police, the Hatut Zeraze, and was called the White Wolf.

As one of his first acts as King, T'Challa threw the Hatut Zeraze out of the country in an effort to establish his country as a global leader in technology.

Being King continued to bring up new difficulties when a tribal war commenced in Wakanda. T'Challa was forced to take sides in the war, choosing Dora Milaje over the Jabari tribe for his secret service agents as well as his harem.

The more Wakanda became a technological global power, the more T'Challa realized the threats of the outside world. While developing nuclear weaponry inside Wakanda, he began to invite super-powered people to his country, beginning with the Fantastic Four,[2 as well as infiltrate groups like the Avengers in an effort to test the limitations of their abilities. Although once he found out what kind of people they were, T'Challa saw them as allies as well as friends.

Even so, he only allowed most members of the Avengers to know him as Luke Charles, an American teacher romantically involved with a singer named Monica Lynne.

For the next few years, T'Challa lived two lives, one in America as a teacher, and one in Wakanda as King. The many threats to his Kingdom continued, including the Supremacists of Azania, Solomon Prey, Moses Magnum, the Soul-Strangler, Kiber the Cruel, Wind Eagle, Baron Macabre, and even the Ku Klux Klan. On a mission to recover King Solomon's Frogs, T'Challa met a future version of himself who was telepathic and fatally sick. Attempting to change this future, he broke up with Monica Lynne and kept his future body in cryostasis.



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